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    Winter Weather

    We have received the following information from Bradford council:

    Preparing for winter weather

    Gritting in the Bradford district

    We have been busy putting our winter plans and preparations in place for the past few months.

    We have hired ten brand new gritter wagons to bring the total of wagons serving the district to 34. All the gritters have been prepared for winter, rotas for drivers and managers are ready and our drivers have been out to practice their allocated routes.

    Supplies of grit for the coming winter season have been delivered to our depots and we have about 24,000 tonnes ready for spreading.

    We grit 24 priority one routes across the district covering over 700 miles of road which is 62% of all the roads in the district.

    They also grit seven footpath routes in the city centre and in town centres across the district including the two in the city centre and routes in Keighley, Bingley, Shipley, Ilkley, and Saltaire.


    We are busy filling grit bins across the district and we are working with several local parish councils in developing community emergency and flood plans to help improve their resilience in the face of an emergency.

    More about gritting

    Met Office – ‘Weather Ready’ campaign

    To help the public be better prepared for severe weather all year round, the Met Office has launched ‘Weather Ready’. Run in partnership with the Cabinet Office, the initiative provides expert advice on travel, protecting your home and your health and wellbeing.

    Look out for one another

    Check on elderly and vulnerable neighbours, relatives and friends. Make sure they are alright and have what they need before snow and ice is forecast, so that they don’t feel they have to venture out.


    No one needs to sleep out in the cold. During the winter we work with partners to open a ‘cold weather provision’ for rough sleepers. Additional beds will be made available and outreach workers go out making sure no-one has to sleep on the streets in the cold weather. Everyone who stays for a cold weather bed is provided with support around resolving their housing situation on a longer term basis. If you are worried about someone sleeping on the streets call 01274 309165.

    Plan your transport

    Do you really need to go out? Could you work from home? If you do need to go out in icy and snowy conditions, think about alternatives to using the car. Check the West Yorkshire Metro website for local bus and train information.

    Prepare your car

    Check your battery and fluid levels, fit winter tyres. Put together a winter kit for your boot, with things like a shovel, grit, jump leads, tow rope, warm clothing, bottled water and something to eat. If you have to drive in snow make sure you clear the whole car of snow and ice before you set off. Check priority gritting routes on the council’s website for your whole journey. Make sure someone knows where you are going and what time you expect to be back. Think about where you park your car, if it’s on a priority grit route could it cause an obstruction to a gritting wagon.

    Winter-proof your bike ride

    Sustrans have some great tips on how to stay happy and safe on your bike when cycling during the cold and icy winter months. It has information about how to winter-proof your bike and your riding style to keep you pedalling all winter.

    Top Tips from Sustrans

    Prepare for if there’s a power cut

    Make sure you have a torch with batteries, candles, bottled water and basic food supplies ready for if there is a power cut.

    Save the power cut number 105 in your phone. Consider if you, your neighbours or relatives should be on the Priority Services Register to receive extra support from your energy supplier.

    Prepare your home

    Have your boiler checked and serviced yearly so that it’s safe and will start when you most need it. Test smoke alarms/carbon monoxide alarms to make sure they work. Ensure pipes are insulated so that they don’t freeze and burst. Know where and how to turn off gas, electricity and water to your home so that you can do it in an emergency.

    Looking after pets

    It’s not just people we need to look out for, here’s some advice for looking after animails.

    Winter preparation checklist

    More about Weather Ready?

    Council service disruptions

    When there are disruptions to our services due to severe weather we posted on the service disruptions page of our website.

    Council service disruptions