General Enquiries

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    Hub Exhibitions


    September 2023:  Addingham Allotment & Gardens Association; Annual show past and present


    July and August 2023: The Heritage Archive Group; Addingham Gala Story.

    June 2023: John Fontana’s “Passion for Photography”

    May 2023: Addingham WI

    April 2023: Havoc on the Highways! A traffic consultation by the Parish Council to gather resident’s views and opinions.

    March 2023: Addingham Civic Society, “I Remember”

    June/July 2022: 70 years of change to mark the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee

    May 2022 – Zero Waste


    April 2022 – Addingham Photo Archive

    March 2022 – Addingham Good Neighbours

    February 2022 – Energy Efficiency, Addingham Environment Group

    October and November 2021 – WW2 – Portal on the Past


    September 2021 – Portal on the Past




    August 2021 – Addingham Gala – A look back at previous years

    June and July 2021 – “Wendy’s miniature world”




    May 2021: Civic Society

    September 2020: The Photo Archive

    July/August 2020: The Saplings