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    Annual Awards Scheme

    The Parish Council’s Annual Awards Scheme celebrates the achievements of outstanding local people.  A number of awards are presented each year at the Annual Parish Meeting.

    Village residents are nominated to receive the Awards by members of the Council, and winners are selected by the Council.  The Awards recognise outstanding commitment to village life, and may be awarded for exceptional contributions to voluntary activities, for work carried out to support and help others, and in recognition of achievements which have benefited the community.  An Award may be presented to people who have:

    • Shown exceptional commitment to a cause or organisation
    • Acted as a role model/ambassador within the community
    • Motivated and inspired others to get involved in their cause or organisation
    • Brought people together from different backgrounds
    • Shown exceptional resilience in overcoming an obstacle or going beyond the call of duty
    • Made a positive difference and improved the well-being of residents or the community

    The number of Awards available is strictly limited and therefore, however valuable their service, not all the people worthy of recognition can receive one.  It is normal for Awards to be made to people who are still active in their role in the community, although there is no bar on an Award being made to someone who has recently retired/stood down.

    The Council’s selection process will take place in private session, all matters relating to individuals will be discussed by the Council in complete confidence, and the Council’s decision is final.