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    See below a log of faults and problems reported to Bradford Metropolitan District Council in early 2017.  For more recent reports of issues being progressed with Bradford council, see the monthly reports to the Parish Council on Maintenance Issues.

    Standard Traffic Cone

    We thank all of you who have taken the time to report faults around the village.


    Fault/Problem                             Date reported


    Uneven kerb Bolton Rd               16/2 by clerk

    Potholes – various                        16/2 by clerk

    Fence post at Green                   13/1 by Clerk

    Street light on Main St                 by Cllr Brady

    4x potholes (various locations)   13/1 by Clerk

    2x lights out on Moor Lane         9/12 by Clerk

    Pothole nr Crown                        7/7 by Clerk

    Tree by bowling green                by Lengthsman

    Hedges on Old Rd                     by Cllr Rickard

    Street sign, 78 Main St               9/6 by Clerk

    Street sign, Church St                9/6 by Clerk

    Pothole nr Coop                          9/6 by Clerk

    Picnic bench, Rec Grd               9/6 by Clerk

    Fencing on Bark Lane                9/6 by Clerk

    Footbridge, nr 71 Main St.          by neighbour

    Uneven surface Bolton Rd         12/4 by Clerk

    Dog fouling Moor Lane                29/3 by Lengthsman

    Road sign Moor Park                   27/3/16 by Clerk

    Pot holes by bus stop                  9/3/16 by Lengthsman

    next Town End farm

    Sunken footpath that links           9/3/16 by Lengthsman

    Moor Lane and Moor Park Crescent.

    Grit supply requested                  4/2/16 by Clerk

    Dog fouling at manor park            29/2/16 by Clerk

    Broken fence, Bark Lane              8/2/16 by Clerk

    2 blocked drains, Skipton Rd       3/2/16 by Lengthsman

    Pothole on Kitty Fold                    3/2/16 by Lengthsman

    Pothole near 6 Green Lane          1/2/16 by Lengthsman

    Street sign at top Ridley Fold       28/1/16  by Clerk

    Pothole at A65 roundabout           26/1/16 by Clerk

    Blocked gully top Moor Lane        25/1/16  by Clerk



    The Parish Council will always help to progress matters of general community concern, but  before you get in touch with us, please make sure that the Council is responsible for the matter you wish to report.

    If your problem is, for example, a broken street light or a pothole in the road or a blocked drain, please report it direct to Bradford Metropolitan District Council.

    Ring 01274 431000 or go to the website, click on Report It Now and complete the online form for the fault.