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    Annual Accounts and Governance Statements

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    2019/20  Please note that, as a result of the coronavirus pandemic, amended  statutory requirements for the publication and inspection of the annual accounts applied to this year’s accounts.

    The external audit is outstanding, pending completion of the 2018/19 audit.

    Interim Audit – Notice of Audit & Right to Inspect

    Interim Audit – Uncertified AGAR

    Interim Audit Certificate

    Notice for_the_exercise_of_public_rights_2019-20

    AGAR (FINAL) subject to external audit

    Internal Audit Report (AGAR)



    Fixed asset register 2020 (Council)

    Risk Management Policy – StrategicRisk Management Scheme- Operational

    Risk Management Scheme-ComplianceRisk Management Scheme-Financial


    External audit – interim certificate

    Notice for inspection – interim

    Internal Audit Report



    Reconciliation_between_box_7_and_box_8_2018-19 (1)

    Notice of Public Rights



    External Auditor Certificate – FINAL

    Notice of Conclusion of Audit – FINAL

    Notice of Audit and Right to Inspect Annual Return

    External Auditor Certificate

    AGAR 2017-18

    AGAR Section 3

    Notice of Public Rights


    Notice of conclusion of audit

    Annual Return Governance Statement, Accounting Statements and Internal Auditor’s Report – approved by parish council and subject to external audit

    Notice of Public Rights and Pulication of Unaudited Annual Return 2017



    Annual Return CCF27042016_0001

    Annual Return Auditor’s Certificate



    Annual Return 2015CCF27042016_0002