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    Climate Action Addingham

    Addingham Parish Council is working together with members of the Addingham Civic Society, tackling issues relating to carbon, waste, water and wildlife. The work of this group will explore ways that that the village can reduce its carbon footprint and protect wildlife. The Council is committed to a sustainable future and a vision of “One Planet Living”. To see what the working group has been doing, please read the notes from the meetings.

    The Parish Council and the Civic Society in the village have come together to find ways we can reduce our carbon footprint, protect wildlife, especially local wildlife, and live more sustainable lives.  At the launch event on 4th November there was a focus on “Waste reduction”, including waste recycling, food waste, rainwater harvesting and energy loss.

    One of our objectives is for all households in the village to minimise waste and use compost bins, food waste bins and rainwater butts.  The Parish Council is making funds available for residents to obtain one of these items free of charge this Autumn. 

    If you would like to register for the scheme, please contact us by email:

    In the event that applications exceed the number of items available, they will be allocated on a first come first served basis.

    T&C’s for the scheme:
    Scheme only available to Addingham residents
    compost bins, food waste bins and rainwater butts are for home use only.
    Only one application per household.
    Items are not for re-sale.