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    Nora comes to town….

    Hi, my name is Nora Hetty Smith…or NHS for short!


    I am representing the village in giving our huge thanks to everyone who is working on the frontline.

    But…..I seem to have lost my body and I would love the Children in the Village to all paint a stone in bright colours for my body, you could add your initials too, a way to join in with the Parish Council with your thanks too!

    I hope you can give me a beautiful rainbow body, and if I get too long, I have some friends….Lockdown Larry and Covid Colin who may also appear somewhere in the Village!

    You will find me on the wall by the water fountain next to the library. I will be there from tomorrow (Wednesday 20th )… please get painting your stones!


    To all staff employed by the NHS and any other part of health and care – we have never needed you more! Thank you for all you are doing….you are all Heroes.