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    Minutes September 2011



    052/11 Present

    Cllr’s: Brady, Coates (Chair), Cole, Flesher, Hindle, Jerome, Mawson, Reddyoff, Smith, Tennant.

    053/11 Absent Cllr. Campbell

    054/11 In Attendance M Holland (Parish Council Clerk), 1 member of the Press.

    055/11 Apologies for Absence

    Resolved: apologies had been received from Cllr. Campbell. 056/11 Disclosures of Interest (Members Code of Conduct)

    No Disclosures of Interest were made at this point in the meeting. Members were reminded, by the Chairman, to declare any interests in any of the tabled items at the relevant point in the meeting.

    057/11 Admission of the Public Resolved: that in accordance with the (Public Bodies (Admission to Meetings) Act 1960, Local Government Act 1972 s100/100A ss2/Schedule 12A), no agenda items were to be held in closed session.

    058/11 Public Consultation and Question Time, including Police Matters

    Police Matters- No members of the Police Force were present.

    Public Consultation- No members of the Public were present

    059/11 Previous Parish Council Minutes and Progress Report, for information only, on Matters Arising from the Minutes which are not included elsewhere on the Agenda Resolved: that the presented Minutes are agreed as a correct record of Addingham Parish Council’s Ordinary Meeting held on the 20th July 2011, with the following amend: Minute Ref: 033/11 Cllr. Smith was also presentand that they are signed by the Chairman. Matters arising from the previous Minutes (for reporting purposes only)

    (105/10) Proposed Pedestrian crossing – The Road Traffic Order process will commence as BMDC are in receipt of funds from the owner of the Medical Centre. (189/10) Land at The Green – Land has been registered with Land Registry and officially belongs to Bradford MDC. A Notice to Quit has been issued and the respondent has until the 14th Oct to remove fence and re-instate site to previous condition 060/11 Previous Planning Committee Minutes Resolved: that the Minutes from the Planning Committee Meetings held on the 11th May 2011, 15th June 2011 and the 6th July be received by the Council. 061/11 Xmas Lights Resolved: Members agreed to delegate authority to the members of the Xmas Light Committee and the Clerk to1) Purchase the new lights which had been selected by all Members from the presentation prepared by MK illuminations. 2) To establish the additional costs, and if deemed reasonable place the order, for using the same lights on the Xmas Tree.3) To further investigate installation costs, with the Committee having the authority to appoint a contractor. No Budget limit was imposed on the Xmas Light Committee. And further: Resolved: Only the “Duck“wall feature would be installed as part of the 2011 Xmas light display. Therefore there was no requirement to carry out repairs to the other light features this year. 062/11 Repairs to School House Clock Resolved: Members agreed to the replacement of the Motor, by BMDC, at a cost of £190.00 to the Parish Council. Repairs and maintenance will continue to be provided by BMDC. 063/11 Civic Society 2011/12 Village Project. Resolved: Members agreed to use of land at the Recreation Ground, Main Street, Addingham, identified on plans shown to the Members, as a multi-games area and would support the Civic Society in securing funding to finance the project. And further Resolved: Clerk to write to the Civic Society confirming their permission and to also note that no on-going operational and maintenance costs should revert, in the future, to the Parish Council. Clerk also to confirm that Members are kept up to date on the development of the scheme and progress reports are regularly received by the Council.

    , 064/11 Residents (Main Street no’s. 15-31) request for a Communal Bin Resolved:a) The Parish Council will enter into an agreement with the Landowner (Exchange of Letters) for the bin to be sited on Townhead Trading Estate at a location agreed with the Agent and ensure the residents comply with all conditions imposed by the Agent.b) The Parish Council will enter into an agreement with each Resident, which will ensure that the Residents comply with all Landlord requirements and any non –compliance will result in the removal of the Communal Bin and individual bin collection service will resume.

    065/11 Village design Statement – and changes in legislation resulting from the introduction of the Localism Bill.

    Cllr’s Mawson and Hindle attended a presentation on Neighbourhood Planning held at the Menston Parish Council Meeting on 18 July 2011, the following comments were noted.

    The introduction of the Localism Bill would see the Government start to dictate how many new houses would have to be built in a particular area. It would be prudent to have a Village design Statement/ Neighbourhood Plan in existence as this would show that the Village/Parish Council had considered where development could take place and the impact had been considered and evaluated.

    Members noted that an Addingham Village Design Statement had been prepared in 2001 and that this could form the basis for a review and preparation of a new document. Resolved: Members agreed to apply for funding to allow the re- fresh of the Village Design Statement in response to changes resulting from the introduction of the Localism Bill. Clerk to write to the Civic Society inviting them to work, with the Parish Council, on updating the design statement.

    066/11 Memorial for Mr. Stanley Flesher Resolved: Members agreed to purchase a tree and plaque in memory of ex Parish Councillor Stanley Flesher.

    The type and location of tree to be determined by Cllr’s. Hindle, Mawson and Flesher.

    067/11 Request for Speed Restriction Measures on Main Street, Addingham. Resolved: Members did not consider it Powered by Adobe Acrobat! Generated: 11 July, 2012, 11:13
    Addingham Parish Council
    appropriate to request further speed calming measures on Main Street Addingham, following advice received from Highways Department BMDC. 068/11 Request from Civic Society for Parish Council to fund refurbishment /replacement of Cast Road Signs. Resolved: Members did not agree to the funding of replacement signs, as they deemed it not appropriate

    And further Resolved: Clerk to establish costs involved in re-painting the signs and re-submit for future consideration replacement of any signs which were not repairable.

    069/11 Permission to site a skip on Parish Council Owned land.

    Members, in considering the request letter, determined that there was no permission sought to place a skip on Parish Council Owned land. However access with mechanical diggers was required, to carry out the required works. Resolved: Permission for access was not granted. Clerk to inform resident.

    070/11 Scout Hut

    Cllr. Coates declared a Prejudicial Interest in this matter, as the proposed agent is a member of her family. Cllr. Coates took no part in the resolution of this item.

    A meeting had been held with a representative of the Planning Authority who had expressed, in principle, support for the proposal. Planning permission was already in existence for the project known as the Addingham Recreation Centre and this new proposed scheme was of a lesser size. Resolved: Members agreed to the appointment of AGC Design & Management Ltd, as Agent, for the proposed Scout Hut. Members agreed to progress plans and submit them to the Planning Department, BMDC. Costs of preparing plans for submission and submitting to be met by the Parish Council. And further Resolved: A Scout Hut Sub- Committee was formed – members of the Committee would be Cllr’s Hindle, Jerome, Reddyoff and Mawson. Authority to agree the level of fees of the appointed agent, for preparation of plans and submission to the Planning Authority, was delegated by the Parish Council to the members of this sub-committee.

    071/11 Request for a Village Notice Board to be sited close to The Green, to serve the Residents of the East of the Village. Resolved: Members agreed to Clerk establishing costs and any necessary permission required for erecting an additional Notice Board at the above location.

    072/11 The Memorial, Main Street, Addingham. Resolved: Members agreed to the addition of a cast iron rail, height 170mm and placed 250mm from the front of the recessed area, on which to secure the Memorial Wreaths. Work to be undertaken by Bradford MDC at no cost to the Parish Council.

    073/11 Matters reported by the Clerk to Bradford MDC.

    This item was withdrawn from the agenda.

    074/11 Addingham Community Library Members of the Community Library Group were in the process of updating their availability for working in the Library. CRB checks had been submitted on a majority of the volunteers. Bradford MDC was organizing training sessions for the volunteers. The Group had applied for charitable status and was awaiting the decision from the Charities Commission.

    A Questionnaire was to be sent to all households to establish what additional services they would like to see offered by the Library group. 075/11 Chairman’s Remarks and Correspondence

    A Summary of notable correspondence was presented and discussed and the following decisions made in consequence· Clerk to write to all those groups and parties responsible for placing roadside advertising boards on Silsden Road and Main Street, to request that all signs were removed and that this type of advertising must no longer be used as it was a) illegal and b) unsightlyNo Members were able to attend the various seminars that invitations had been received for, except Cllr’s. Coates and Mawson would attend the WREN Landfill Communities Fund Information Session and Cllr. Mawson would attend the “Energy Efficiency for Community Buildings Workshop”· Other matters were to be referred to Bradford MDC by the Clerk as items under the responsibility of the Clerk.

    076/11 Finance 1. Invoices for payment Resolved: that the presented list of invoices paid and due for payment be approved, and cheques signed as required. 2. Section 137 Expenditure- Resolved: Members agreed a donation to the Yorkshire Air Ambulance, of £50.00, in remembrance of Mr. Stanley Flesher, who served on the Parish Council for a total of 33 years. 3. Resolved: Members did not award a grant to West Yorkshire Committee-Crimestoppers.

    077/11 Date of Next Meeting

    Resolved: the next Ordinary Meeting of Addingham Parish Council will take place on Wednesday 19th October 2011 at 7:00pm, at The Old School Room.