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    Winter Weather Plan

    Here are the details of Bradford Council’s plans for winter maintenance this year:

    We have now moved into the Winter Maintenance period and the ‘Cold Weather Plan 2016’ was published by Public Health England on the 19th October.

    As in previous years, the Met Office will trigger cold weather alerts from 1 November to 31 March 2017, on the basis of either low temperatures of 2°C or less, or severe winter weather (heavy snow or widespread ice).

    The 5 levels in the cold weather alert system are:

    • Level 0 (long term planning)
    • Level 1 (winter preparedness and action)
    • Level 2 (severe winter weather is forecast – average temperature of 2°C or lower is predicted within 48 hours, with 60% confidence)
    • Level 3 (response to severe winter weather – average temperature of 2°C or lower is occurring)
    • Level 4 (major incident, declared by central government)

    As in previous years the Emergency Management Team will send out warnings level 2 and above as well as updates from our Public Weather Service (PWS) advisor for you to distribute throughout your services ensuring that the latest information is available to inform any necessary planning.


    Cold Weather Plan 2016